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Friday, May 28, 2004

Blinded by partisan rage or is the NRO really evil? 

So Matt and I were having a conversation about, inter alia,* corruption in government and how much it still shocked us. And Matt remarked how often he thinks he's reached the point that he just can't be any more outraged, that he's full, and then something else comes up that pisses him off just that much more--becoming another slap in the face to everything that is decent.

I'm relaying this conversation because, via Crooked Timber, I just finished reading a 2001 article by John Derbyshire in the NRO titled, "Why I hate Chelsea Clinton".

Suffice to say, I'm just a little more cynical, a little more sad, and a little more disappointed in the world, now that I've read this. Thanks NRO, more evidence of the "moral decline of America."

*Yes, I know I just used the term inter alia when "among other things" but I read this stuff all day long and it is starting to seep into my writing, this is why lawyers are often criticized by others as bad writers. They are deeply entrenched bad habits that we are exposed to regularly and--like many speech crutches--some of the bad habits rub off. Anyway, god bless Bryan Gardner for the work he's doing...
**An even worse revelation is that I am upset that Blogger doesn't have Small Uppercase font--yes, even more evidence that I spent far too much time bluebooking my writing competition.

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