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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

CU knows no defeat 

I was just informed that CU rape facilitator Gary Barnett will keep doin' that VooDoo that he do so well [losing football games].

While this may seem like a mistake, consider this: ROTC is housed in the very stadium that CU is regularly humiliated in. Since we are moving to a rape-based military, America's first officially rape-based football team could be a feeder for future military intel gathering. Think, after rape "bootcamp" at CU, they will surely have the forcible orifice penetration skills to ferret-out potential terrorists. While its true that most of the raping the CU Buffs do is directed at women, we can hope "Stiff Fingers" Rumsfeld will approve a box of wigs and a case of Mickey's Malt Liquor to "grease the wheels" when the time comes.

Since these "football players" will now be officially in the ROTC, they can make classes directed at their interests: manufacturing GHB, playing football poorly, and how best to apply Crisco up to your shoulder when fist-f#cking somebody.

CU pays Barnett $1.3 million a year. Maybe we can start co-branding snuff films, to help defray the costs of legal fees and bribes. If Barnett has the foresight to direct his players to kill the girl, think of how much trouble will be avoided. Lord knows he's not going to be helping the team by leading us to victory. Unless, of course, its the victory of shirking the accountability for your own worthless ass.

-paul  12:02 EST | |

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