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Monday, May 31, 2004


CU's mascots [Ralphie, the Buffalo and Prometheus] are not only apt, but perhaps prophetic.

Prometheus, featured on the CU seal and sculpted dreadfully in the UMC fountain court, comes from Greek myth. We remember him for (a) angering the gods with his academic pursuits and (b) being chained up in the middle of nowhere, doomed to have his liver eaten every day by vultures.

As temporary boulderites, every student can appreciate looking forward to an evening of liver destruction as respite from the boredom of being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

There is no example I can think of in which "gods" were angered by the academic work at CU. But, it is a fine goal to reach for, condsidering how popular and useful the introduction of fire to humans turned out to be.

The buffalo, once the mighty lord of the plains, was hunted to near-extinction by rogues and drunkards from the east and west coasts. Similarly, the once prestigious school will be a memory and a uselessly sustained curiosity, brought down by rogues and drunkards from the Football team and the Colorado Legislature.

-paul  11:06 EST | |

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