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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A conservative mag, no neo about it (still sucky) 

There was a time when I was distinctly at odds with the voices of this blog. There was no blog at the time, and Clinton was president. Between being misconstrued as threatening murder and consuming hearty doses of THC, I established myself (I like to think) as a "tolerable" conservative voice in this particular circle.

Some posters may remember when I called with glee at 2:30 am in November of 2000 to gloat over Bush's "victory". Of course, the honeymoon is over, and I am trying my darndest to file for a divorce. But, as is generally the case, a simple divorce is not going to lead to a sexual re-orientation.

I am still a conservative. I am not a "Neoconservative". I am not sure when or were this term came into being, but I imagine it started like this: you can't say "asshole" or "f#ckface" in church, so you say "whoa! Mr. Hensley is a real neoconservative".

There is a new magazine that claims to cater to types like me, with one major problem. Pat Buchanan is not the kind of "change" I was hoping for. One thing I love, though, it that the editiors of this magazine describe neoconism as a "tendancy" which it is (sociopathy), and not an "ideology" by even the most tortured definition of that word.

Like Christmas at the orphanage, I was initially delighted only to be sorely disappointed. To see some life in the conservative world not owing to the properties of black magic was very exciting. To see that it's the same old bullshit [pre-WW1 isolationism, People from the laughable New York post]is indeed disheartening.

In any case, hopefully Buchanan can be as megalomaniacal as Nader, and the cause of serious infighting in the GOP this fall. If the Republican Party is to remain in my old age [as a non-fascist party in a 2-or more party system in a free America]the Neocancer has to be cut out fast.

I thought about starting a new political party, but the best names I could come up with were (a) The American Communist Party {already taken, and badly misleading} or (b) the New Republican Party {not really creative or attention-getting}. Any thoughts, you liberal wackos (ah, that feels good)?

-paul  13:37 EST | |

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