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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Did you know? 

Conventional wisodm has it that the volunteer armed forces are largely for those without other opportunities or marketable skills. While arguing against the draft Fred Kaplan points out that "the aptitude for U.S. military personnel now exceeds that for American civilians." (I can't figure out how to use my VCR and digital cable at the same time, but I am technologically adept enough to lift HTML source right out of Slate in order to bring Kaplan's table to ustoo.)




Category I & II
(65th to 99th percentiles)

41 percent

36 percent

Category III 
(31st to 64th percentiles)

58 percent

34 percent

Category IV 
(10th to 30th percentiles)

1 percent

21 percent

Category V 
(bottom 10th percentile)

0 percent

9 percent

It looks funny doesn't it? Why lump categories I and II together? I assume civilians had the edge in Category I and that wouldn't have fit so nicely. It's interesting anyway. Recruits also beat out civilians in reading levels and high school graduation rates.

The most striking thing about this table: there are a lot of civilians in categories III, IV, and IV (and probably category II) that aren't so ready for the the new "knowledge economy" in the U.S.

-Daddy Brooklyn  21:33 EST | |

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