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Friday, June 18, 2004

A moment to pick in Novak 

Ah, Robert Novak. When he's not abetting treason by revealing the name of a secret agent, he's just being a jackass.
...Reagan had been dead for less than three days when one of President Bush's top advisers last Tuesday forecast to me the political fallout.

Four days later, Sen. John Kerry broke a supposed week-long moratorium on overt political campaigning by delivering the weekly Saturday Democratic radio address.
Someone check my math on this, but four plus three is seven. Counting on my fingers, Reagan died on a Saturday, so sun(1), mon(2), tue(3), wed(4), thu(5), fri(6), and sat makes seven(7). Just to be sure, I checked, and a week is still seven days. So what the hell is he talking about? Addendum: Perhaps Novak forgot that this moratorium was self-imposed by Kerry. He also conviently ignores all of the pandering and Reagan-comparing done by the Bush camp.

Moving on, Novak claims that "In kidnapping Reagan last week, Democrats obscured how tough and how conservative he was." If anything, the "kidnapping" showed how much less conservative Reagan was than our current president, and how much more respected he was on both sides of the aisle.

There's more. On Kerry's call for the government to drop the ban on stem cell research, Novak shouts
Democratic restructuring of Reagan also ignored that he, not George W. Bush, originally restricted stem-cell research. As president, Reagan prohibited working on tissues that were products of abortions.
Never mind that Reagan's ban only limited research on aborted tissue and not on, say, embryos from fertility clinics that are marked from termination anyway. Never mind that the term 'stem cell' didn't even exist when Reagan was in office.

Ok. I'm done.

-Ben  06:20 EST | |

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