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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Qaddafi up to his old tricks? 

According to this, while opening Libya's arms to the US and the UN Security Council, Colonel Qaddafi was making plans to assassinate Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Though the result of years of contempt and dislike on Qaddafi's part, the plot came about after "the two leaders exchanged insults in open session[during an Arab League Summit last year], accusing each other of selling out to colonial powers. An indignant Prince Abdullah glared at Colonel Qaddafi and said, "Your lies precede you and your grave is in front of you."" Abdullah then apparently scuffed Qaddafi's Puma, causing him to back out of the room, throwing up signs and shouting "you gonna get your's, son, better watch out"

Here is what I imagine the US saying to Libya right now:
"Granted, this was a political assassination and might not be as deplorable as, say, blowing up a plane full of civilians, but we thought you'd changed, Libya. You said that it would be different this time and we believed you. Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame. Now don't ever do this again, or we might have to talk a little about re-imposing those sanctions.

Now give us some more of that sweet, sweet oil"

-Ben  15:00 EST | |

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