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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Things you might have missed 

I was just thinking of what a fantastic week last week might have been to bury some bad news. So, I've scoured TP from Sunday through Saturday of last week and come up with this:

Sun 6:
NYT fronts bipartisan concern that the "numerous" investigations into abuse at Abu Ghraib are missing the bigger picture. Surprise: while the party line is "we have several investigations into this pesky torture thing and we will get to the bottom of it...," the reality is that no one investigation has the scope or power to look too deeply.

Mon 7:
WSJ piece on Bush administration legal briefs arguing that, damn the international law, treaties, etc, the president has the mandate to authorize torture if he must.

Tue 8:
Follow-ups on the Bush administration's "law need not apply" approach to torture.

Wed 9:
Kurdish leaders threaten to secede from Iraq after failing to have a provision supporting minority rights inserted into the interim Iraqi constitution. Indeed, they sent a letter to president Bush to that effect.

The marines are sending another 5,000 troops into Iraq

Thu 10:
In the wake of torture-brief-gate, the WaPo takes the gloves off . In reference to the Bush administration: "Theirs is the logic of criminal regimes, of dictatorships around the world that sanction torture on grounds of 'national security.' "

Fri 11 (not only the best day to bury news generally, it was also the national day of mourning and Regan's funeral):
President Bush concedes that it is unlikely NATO will contribute troops to Iraqi security.

LA Times poll says 53% of Americans think the Iraq war "Isn't worth it" and 61% think we are "getting bogged down." However, despite the average of one car bomb and 35 to 40 attacks against U.S. forces per day this month (TP 14 June), 52% still think the US is winning.

The WSJ has it that Rumsfeld himself approved the use of drug sniffing dogs to intimidate prisoners at Gitmo

Somehow, the state department got it completely wrong in a terrorism report, saying originally that there was less terrorism last year (45% less) than in 2001 ("clear evidence that we are prevailing in the fight," says Richard Armitage ). They are now revising the numbers to reflect some incidents that were not taken into account and, you know, the last two months of the year. Reportedly, last year was actually one of the worst years on record. No hard numbers are available yet.

John Kerry tried and tried and tried to convince John McCain to be his running-mate.

Oh, and Ray Charles died.

Sat 12:
Officials from Bosnia's former Serbian government admited responsibility for the Srebrenica massacre.

The bush administration might take tougher action against Sudan for all of the ethnic cleansing there, as it is becoming apparent that the country's government provided support to the death squads (it was previously asserted that they were independent militias). Tougher action might include U.S. travel bans, sanctions against individual officials, and the freezing of personal assets.

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