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Friday, February 04, 2005

The age old debate of science vs. religion 

The latest editorial lamenting the absence of evolution in the classroom.

What is wrong with understanding evolution while simultaneously believing in creationism or intelligent design or whatever else you want to believe in? Evolution is based on tons of evidence, both from the fossil record and from observations of things that live and die much faster than us (like bacteria), but most importantly, evolution is science--it's the only theory out there as far as the real scientific community is concerned--and ought be taught in science classes. It's risible to pretend that creationism has the same scientific validity as evolution (just look at pictures of the asinine displays and explanations in the new creationism museum where they try to fit creationism into a scientific theme).

Evolution is necessarily limited becuase it's scientific and this should provide succor to parents who don't want their kids to learn about evolution. Science can't address the existence of God. Evolutionary theory doesn't rule out the existence of a god who animates the forces that make evolution manifest. People are even free to reject evolution and have faith in another creation story and parents are free to make the argument to their kids why they should do this (the fossils were put there by the Devil or I don't know why the carbon does what it does and makes things look so old but you must have faith, etc.). Are people so concerned that their sincerely held belief in creationism will be destroyed merely by understanding what evolution is about? I can't understand why someone would want their kids to grow up ignorant.

This post doesn't exactly sound like or say precisely what I was intending, but I have to go back to work now.

-Daddy Brooklyn  13:43 EST | |

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