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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I've been chewed up and spit out

This is a funny article, but it is kind of sadly true.
Today ended with Dawud's wake. It started when the boys were pulled for a "Boys to Men" conference. Without warning. Whatever. However, in the middle of an anti-violence speech- a speech about black on black violence- a group of boys, all wearing R.I.P. Dawud t-shirts, turned on some random kid for no apparent reason and beat the shit out of him. They knocked him down five flights of bleachers, kicked his face in, and sent him to the hospital. Irony at its darkest. One of my female students, or a friend of hers, made a disparaging remark about Dawud the other day and a group of upperclassmen came upstairs on a witch-hunt. They came to my classroom and I refused to let them in, even though the girl hadn't even come to class (she was hiding, I'm sure), and they tried to physically move me from my door. If she had been in the room and the administration hadn't finally shown up, they would have carried me away and then ripped her to shreds. she hasn't been back to school. she probably won't be coming back. I still believe in my kids. I am still passionate about social change and justice and I still believe that it all needs to start with equal educational opportunity. I still see far more good in my students and their community than bad, but damn am I tired. I'm going to end this with a plea- a refrain that you've heard from me many times before- find a kid to mentor. Find a school to help. Find a way to give... We need you.

-Jess  17:47 EST | |

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