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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The incredible 51% project 

I am now working at a bookstore. I have a generous employee discount. This means the job is about as good for saving money as (for me) working on a marijuana plantation. So, to innoculate myself against signing over my paycheck wholesale to my employer, I am embarking on what I call the "51% project".

It began with discussing with my coworkers what ratio of purchased books get read. It was generally agreed that it was less than 50%. Looking through my own bookshelves, I realized I too had purchased many books I never read. So now, my goal it to read at least 51% of the books I own before I buy any others. Wish me luck. I am also sure some of the other posters on this board could benefit from this. I'm not naming names, or making a judgement. Just sayin'.

Semi-related: the book store where I work is the best-run retailer I have ever worked for. While this may come as a surprise, most major retailors guess at the coverage they need. This store models it, lets you sign up for the shifts you want, and has a standard deviation based pool of employees on-call in case business is heavier than expected.

Also, the NYT Best seller list is a scam.

-Miguel Sanchez  10:29 EST | |

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