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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Junior Book Review Club 

Ah, townhall. You are a venerable repository of well-formed opinion. Take for example, this guy, who offers parents a list of books to save their children from being brainwashed into commie-hood by America's evil professors. Among his surprising opinions are the following: (a) the Vietnam war era was a time of wonderful simplicity (b) socialism and communism are the same thing (c) George Orwell's Animal Farm is a pro-capitalist tract, on the level of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. With regard to point (c), the author admits he does not have a literary mind. He states he failed High School lit 4 times, unable to understand symbolism he himself calls "obvious". He claims that despite this handicap, he ran to a finish line called Animal Farm in a literary Special Olympics of one. Sorry. You tried your hardest, but you didn’t win.

Animal Farm is a condemnation of human nature, beginning with capitalism. What is it that motivates the animals to expel the farmer? His farming (his capitalism), that devalues and exploits the lives of the farm animals. The animals form an egalitarian collective after overthrowing the farmer, which then evolves into a Stalin-esque totalitarian state. The book concludes by condemning the pigs running the farm as being indistinguishable from the farmer men. The damning condemnation of communism in this book is that it is just as bad as (or slightly worse than) capitalism. I know you tried hard, junior, but you're not the fastest runner in the world yet. Another hidden gem in this article is the open advocating of subsidies to correct perceived market failures. He tells parents to pay their children to read Atlas Shrugged. So, socialism is uniformly bad, but artificially stimulating demand is good? That doesn't make very much sense. Another swing and a miss, townhall. But keep try! A hundred monkeys at a hundred type writers and all that.

Article via Third Wave Agenda.

-Miguel Sanchez  13:11 EST | |

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