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Monday, May 23, 2005

Revenge of the Geek 

As you may have heard, the new Star Wars came out last week. Here are two stories from my brother, Ernesto, about Star Wars. Note: You can buy a very fancy lightsaber from Best Buy, and some other places. It makes all the sounds, and is quite lifelike. This is important background info for the following stories.

Microsoft knows how to bribe geeks with what they hold most dear. So on Wednesday, they held a special, catered screening of Star Wars at the tech center exclusively for high-level tech professionals during the day. My brother had one of these lightsabers, but concealed it until the lights went down in the theater. As the lights dimmed, he pulled out the lightsaber, switched it on, and held it aloft. The whole theater erupted in wild cheering.

The next day, after seeing it again with friends, he was outside the Boulder Denny's. A friend of his also had a lightsaber, and they commenced to have a lightsaber fight. Having both been in sword fighting classes, I am sure it was quite realistic (if that means anything here). As cars passed on baseline, they were honking their horns, and a few people hung out of their windows and cheered. Soon, a cop arrived. After asking to inspect the lightsabers, he explained someone had reported a "jedi fight" and he was sent to respond. He didn't expect to find a jedi fight, he said, but upon finding no law had been broken, he parted with "may the force be with you".

An aside: I called Ernesto on my break at work that night. Jokingly, I asked "you aren't dressed as Boba Fett right now, are you?" "No!" he replied, indignant, "I'm dressed as Anakin".

-Miguel Sanchez  10:49 EST | |

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