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Friday, May 27, 2005

That's it. I'm joining the ACLU. 

Wicca is stupid. It ranges from lame hippy crap about the circle of life to weird-ass curses, tree worship, and ritual nudity. I regularly make fun of wiccans. There's a reason why pagan, in Latin, means hick.

Regardless, I'll pick up a gun to make sure the government doesn't tell anyone they can't pray to a tree. I believe in freedom. Not so, Judge Brandford of Indiana, who, apropos of nothing forbid two divorced wiccan parents from raising their kid wiccan, or for matter, as a believer in any "nonmainstream religion," which he left undefined. Both parents are wiccan. They were before they were divorced. They most likely will be in the future. The judge just thinks the kid will be harmed because he also goes to a catholic school, and may be confused about how much he should worship the pope.

How this wanker thinks he can tell people what religion to raise their kids, I'll never know. But the judge should be promptly disbarred, tarred and feathered, and deported to Iran. Despite what the conservative noise machine says, the activist judges that need to be stopped are theocrats, living by an ad hoc legal theory meant to maximize state sanctioned christian crap.

Like Smokey the Bear says "Only you can prevent a return to the dark ages".

-Miguel Sanchez  11:03 EST | |

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