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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Too much of a good thing 

One of the lesser known ballot initiatives in Denver this year will be I-100, which would make it legal to posses 1 oz or less of marijuana in the city.

Right on. I commend this and I sincerely hope it passes.

But the people promoting the thing are acting like rank amateurs. Billboards to be put up in Denver this week will show a picture of a battered woman and the caption: "Reduce family and community violence in Denver. Vote Yes on I-100."

The thrust of the argument seems to be "Yeah, pot is bad, but it's not as bad as alcohol and stuff" And this particular ad campaign does not even touch on what the initiative is about. All it is doing is creating a controversy. A bad one at that. While the publicity will be good for their campaign and make people aware of the issue (that's how I learned about it), the only discussion there has been over the issue since the billboards has been about what poor taste they have. Unless I'm wrong, a successful PR campaign should create discussion about the issue, not the campaign.

Not to mention that billboards are a piss poor advertising medium.

It seems like something that was a good idea when, um, stoned, but that has now been taken too far.

-Ben  23:28 EST | |

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