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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I voted for Bloomberg. 

I'm not happy about it.

First off: I need to apologize for not introducing myself sooner. I haven't posted because I never feel like I have anything particularly useful to say -- this probably doesn't count either. My real name is Jon; I go to school with Ziggy; and thanks for letting me join up.

Anyway. Despite Ziggy's strong distaste for the man (which I in part share), I didn't feel like I had any real options. I figured as follows:

1. The federal government is incompetent at best, and actively hostile to NYC at worst. As far as they're concerned, we can all go to hell, and if anything really bad happened, they could just use it to get reelected. Bloomberg, of course, totally bought into this, which is despicable.

2. NY state government is useless, and doesn't deserve my consideration. Plus I hate Pataki much, much more than I hate Bloomberg -- he's sort of like Bloomberg, but without the skill or intelligence.

3. Bloomberg, despite making some very questionable (possibly indefensible) moral choices, is mostly competent, I think. And given that I actually live in this city, this sort of matters. Ferrer seems like a hack, and in any event I don't see him being nearly as effective in most things. And despite the appeal of Rent-Is-Too-Damn-High Guy, I don't really see him being competent either.

So I pulled the lever. If this somehow indirectly involves me endorsing the Republican party as a whole, I kind of hate myself, but so be it. Next year is what matters.

-Fuzzy Dunlop  09:10 EST | |

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