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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mulling over my options 

I don't want to take a bar exam prep course, mainly because Barbri, the biggest and best known company that does bar prep, costs a bunch of money ($2500). Most of my classmates will take the course that involves 6-8 weeks of daily four-hour classes, basically filling in outlines about black-letter law. Since I'll be working full-time (but only 9-5, basically), I'd have to take the evening (6-10pm) class and that'd consume the rest of the summer. Of course, I need to study for the bar regardless--'d be embarrassing beyond belief to fail--so my summer's pretty much shot regardless. Right now, I feel that the full prep course is overkill, but I really don't trust my self-discipline to study completely on my own (I'd buy the prep books from somebody who used them last year).

Any suggestions how I can precommit myself to studying without paying $2500 for the pleasure?

P.S. I may be missing out on an antitrust class action if I don't do Barbri.

-Ziggy Stardust  00:09 EST | |

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