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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Another year, another deflating plan to read 100 books in a year. It's now February, and I have read 4.

Most of these have been old "hard boiled" crime novels. I need to ease up. My inner monologue is increasingly concerned with "dames" and other hard-boiled debris. In fact, it was a great struggle to make that last sentence. What I wanted to write was "ever since that dizzy broad got me into this, I've killed 2 men. Both died the wrong way - screams and blood and terror. It was just 2 o'clock, and I met her at noon".

Such slips have been highly inconvenient. Because of my sudden propensity to drop into "hard-boiled" talk I have had 2 pizzas go undelivered. The problems don't stop there. I have also been thrown out of Target, jailed, married, and on the run from two guys I never met on account of something I never did.

I also read the new Stephen King book. It made living in a zombie apocalypse seem really depressing. I had always thought of a zombie apocalypse as some kind of ultimate spring break. You get to shoot zombies. You gather with an ethnically diverse group of survivors at the mall, kick it. And of course, you have hot unprotected doin' it with the other survivors because of the solemn duty you have to repopulate the earth. But no. This book just made zombie survival seem like a grim slog uphill toward inevitable death and hardship.

As my grim uphill slog to read a 100 books continues, I will keep you, gentle reader, up to date. If this slow pace keeps up, I will need to include coloring books, and match books.

-Miguel Sanchez  10:58 EST | |

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