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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hell is French Leftism 

With the arrival of spring, this weekend saw the perennial spectacle of French youth in full bloom: the inane political riot.

A custom entrenched among the French as fully as stripey shirts, cigarette smoking or berets, the misunderstanding of basic economics is a very dear custom. Whether it be provincial laquiates blockading roads over the prospect of reduced cheese subsidies or billowy red-faced men shouting about yoplait's immutable import to the French character, basic economic reason is a vintage not in store.

The French economy, to be technical, sucks the big pickle, particularly for the young. Unemployment for people our age in France is around 25%. This gives them ample time to come to the wrong conclusion that they don't have jobs because workers aren't paid enough. Despite what your critical studies instructor tells you, this is not the case.

Young rioters of France, I offer you two gifts; take the second if you refuse the first. The first, a bit of common knowledge: stupidly high wage supports and extremely bloated tax levies are putting you out of work. The second, a song to sing if you don't believe me and would prefer to continue on in your ways:

Do you hear the people sing,
singing the song of stupid men
It is the music of a people
who will not have jobs again!

When the bleating of your voice
argues the bleeding of the young
There's a bleak and windswept life
when tomorrow comes!

-Miguel Sanchez  12:07 EST | |

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