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Thursday, April 06, 2006


You read something that gets it so exactly right that you have to stop and admire. This article in slate perfectly captures my feelings and proto-thoughts about HBO and HBO DVDs--the author even captured my feelings about the SFU montage (remember me raving about Sia?).

Basically, I could claim ownership to every opinion expressed in the article. That's weird (and wonderful).

The only thing that Sam Anderson doesn't give emphasis to, I think, is the communal element of watching the shows (either in real time or on DVD). Watching the first season of SFU with Jess and that last with Katie (the girls I've lived with always rock!) made it such a better experience. Discovering and loving the Wire with Mark and Jon is a different thing than liking Rome on my own; sure, the Wire's an intrinsically superior show, but the communal sharing of the plot and characters gives the Wire a richness that I couldn't provide on my own. And, obviously, the Sopranos is an event--something to plan one's evening around--a great reason for a dinner party (hint, hint, Mark).

Okay, back to work.

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