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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Bunch of Soup Cans 

So, just so google doesn't burn down this ghost town, I am blogging. But I will only lyrics from songs as they come up on iTunes.

-In the grey of the morning/my mind becomes confused/ between the dead and the sleeping/ and the road that I must choose.

-multitudes are marching/to the big kettle drum/voices callin' voices cryin'/some are born and some are dyin'/ it's Alpha and Omega's kingdom come

-so keep it up/quench my desire/and I will be at your side/forever more

-and when you see the bruises on my legs from kickin' pills/yeah, then you see how recklessly the pages I fill/fake headlines, believe them, come back

-Hey little bird/fly away home/ house's on fire, your children are alone

-I seen a/ old man have a heart attack in Manhattan/when he died well, we just stood there looking at him/ain't he cute?/I don't care about you/fuck you!

-Ray Pearlman/you owe us $13,000/it would be very nice of you/to pay us soon

-and he calls up/the insects he commands/and the water bugs/attack the policeman

-this boy's life among the electrical lights/this boy's life among the electrical lights/this boy's life among

-New York's alright if you like drunks in your doorway/New York's alright if you wanna freeze to death/ New York's alright if you wanna get mugged or murdered/New York's alright if you like saxophones

-Miguel Sanchez  16:14 EST | |

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This weblog is an ongoing, if periodic, effort by several friends to stay in touch, in reading material, and in ideas.

Lucky Luciano is a former Italian Stallion real estate hustler and Benedict Arnold CEO turned shady lawyer-to-be. He lives in Denver.

Ben is a Paramedic and would-be philantropist who lives in Denver. He knows everything about nothing.

Fuzzy Dunlop lives in Manhattan. He is more than capable of standing up to the stresses of a high crime urban environment.

Jess is a teacher. But have YOU given her an apple? No, you haven't. You should be ashamed of yourself. This crazy feminist currently rests her copy of Awakening in Jersey City.

Matt is a pariah, iconoclast, and professor of gambling living in Oakland.

Miguel Sanchez is not Lionel Hutz.

Daddy Brooklyn lives in Brooklyn. He hates Republicans, though he wouldn't mind being ensconced in the landed elite of New York City.

Paul just smoked my eyelids and punched my cigarette.

Ziggy Stardust has no past.

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