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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Miguel's Guide to Grooving On Summer Movies 

Summer, for some reason, is the time of movies. If you find you aren't enjoying the movies like you once did, here are some simple tips for summer movie enjoyment.

1. Go to movies no one else wants to see. This is pretty self explanatory. A good bonus of seeing movies outside the main stream is the numerous discussions you will avoid with people who see drivel.

2. Go at weird times of day. Nothing adds to the enjoyment of film like being able to shush children and old ladies at, say, a 10:30 am showing of "Prairie Home Companion". However, weirdos are likely to go at these times. Watch out for the guy with the sacks and the woman painting her toe nails.

3. Be a pretentious prick. No movie theater 3 way with the two chicks eyeing you ahead in line can match the warm inner glow of pretense. And, no one will call the police when you congratulate yourself elaborately for seeing a Robert Altman Film while those poor fools are going to see X3.

4. Blog about movies no one else wants to see. Want to here my thoughts on how, in many ways, the movie could be seen as an antithesis of "Nashville"? Do you even know what I am talking about? Ha ha ha ha! 2 years, why do you ask?

5. Don't get high. You can't get high and go see a movie in George Bush's America.

-Miguel Sanchez  12:33 EST | |

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