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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Free Danger Doom EP 

Either because you aren't as cool as me or because you have a job, it is likely that you don't stay up all hours of the night watching cartoons for hipsters. Because of this, you are unlikely to know about this free 7 song EP from Danger Doom.

-Miguel Sanchez  23:12 EST | |

Friday, July 28, 2006

According to Ann Coulter, Ziggy is possibly more Bill Clinton-like than we suspected 

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Well, that was unpleasant... 

But it's over, which is nice.

The worst part is how far behind I am in blog-reading. I may have to spend all of my vacation at internet cafes just so I can have the latest word on Lamont-Lieberman or whatever Unfogged has to say.

-Ziggy Stardust  10:51 EST | |

The Wire... a great, great show.

I am only 4 episodes into the first season, and I can tell you that already. I just saw a 5 minute conversation between two men consisting only of the word 'fuck,' and I understood the entire thing.

You can't learn to write like that.

Daddy, Ziggy, Fuzzy even, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

-Ben  02:44 EST | |

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Breaking a promise to myself that I made a long time ago 

I was sitting there wondering where it all fell apart. It was a lousy greasy spoon in a sea of ugly dead buildings. Two transvestites were at the counter, cackling, wearing huge colored wigs. A junky in a leather jacket and no shirt was nodding off after a day of horse riding, a cold cup of untouched coffee in front of him. I didn't need to drink coffee. I'd been up for days. I would be awake for a long time. I hear the bell above the door ring, and turn around. And in walked the woman who would end up making feel something I never thought I could feel: worse than I did now.

Her eye caught me looking at her, and she smiled. "Do you mind if I join you, darling?" Perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect tits. How could I say no? We talked and laughed like kids. When I suggested we head for the nearest flea bag motel so we could get to know each other better, she grabbed my hand. Since I just met her, I thought it would be rude to take her back to my place. I was pretty sure someone was waiting there to kill me.

As I finished my coffee and called for the check, she pulled a paperback novel out of her purse. "What's that you're reading," I asked.
"It's a crime novel. From Hard Case Crime. Hardboiled. It's pulp, like from the 50's. Bullets, blood, 'dames'..." she trailed off.
"Greasy spoons in bad parts of town at bad times of night?"
"Yeah, I guess so. I like them. They make me think dangerous thoughts."
"Does danger turn you on?" I asked.
"It sure does," she said, biting her lower lip.
"Then baby, we're gonna have a hot night."

As we left and walked out into the orange-black of the city night, my mind was far away from dimestore novels. But by the time the sun came up, I would have my own story of bullets, blood, and dames.

-Miguel Sanchez  12:00 EST | |

Sunday, July 23, 2006

In light of the insatiable demand for bar exam blogging 

So I take the bar exam on Tuesday and Wednesday. The NY essays, NY multiple choice questions, and the MPT (a practical test that requires no previous substantive knowledge but instead tests "lawyering" skills) are on Tuesday. The MBE (multiple choice questions for no jurisdiction in particular and used by most if not all states) is on Wednesday. I will likely have a drink or two on Wednesday night.

Since 83% of all first-time exam-takers who graduated from an ABA-approved law school pass the NY bar exam, I'll be a tad ashamed if I fail. I probably won't fail though, so ha!

If I pass the exam and the character & fitness evaluation afterwards, I will be officially licensed by February 2007 or so. So watch out!

Yeah, I'm avoiding reading about the regulation of the sale of goods, is anyone surprised?

If you want to read the blatherings of the most self-important, arrogant, and just down right silly law students, go here.

-Ziggy Stardust  21:26 EST | |

Wax David Hasselhoff 

If your boss asks, you're on your own.

-Miguel Sanchez  19:53 EST | |

Thursday, July 20, 2006

1/2 a post 

I have been thinking about doing something off the beaten path after grad school that really isn't in my field. Adventure or career-killing juvenile behavior?


Have I ever mentioned my brilliant idea to make Jerusalem an international park administrated by an international body?

-Miguel Sanchez  11:47 EST | |

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why do they hate israel so much?? It's so unfair!! 

Israeli children:

Lebenese children:

-Miguel Sanchez  14:28 EST | |

Novel idea 

I am sitting at McCarran International in Las Vegas and using the internet from their free wifi connection. Free WiFi. At an airport. I've been wishing for this for years. I am glad some place finally has one. Too bad it's in such a hole.

Also, I just read this in TP on slate (via the free WiFi connection at McCaran):
The LAT says that before they board citizens have to sign a contract promising to pay the government back for the evacuation.
What the fuck?

-Ben  13:09 EST | |

How does Bloomberg fit into the national Republican Party? 

When things like this come out of his mouth: "While everyone has a right to emergency shelter, that doesn’t always make emergency shelter right for everyone," Mr. Bloomberg said, adding that his administration was working to replace "the dead-end model of managing homelessness with the new goal of ending it."

-Daddy Brooklyn  00:54 EST | |

Monday, July 17, 2006

Ned Lamont has a messy desk 


Why didn't Matt liveblog the S.F. reunion/gathering?

-Ziggy Stardust  16:44 EST | |

What should I read? [cough--bleg--cough] 

The mysterious* girlfriend and I are going to Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Thailand for vacation after the bar exam. Woot! What should bring to read? Oh, and if anybody's been to SE Asia and has any advice, I'd love to hear it!


*Not so much mysterious as, er, spirited.

-Ziggy Stardust  16:40 EST | |

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Have fun in S.F. suckas... 

1. In which of the following fact situations is defendant Smith most likely to be found guilty of the crime of larceny?

(A) Smith, with the intent to steal Bob's Chinese vase, travels to Bob's house and, finding the front door unlocked, enters Bob's living room where Smith knows Bob keeps the Chinese vase. Unbeknownst to Smith, Bob had taken the vase to Martha's gallery for a ten day Rare Chinese Art Exhibit. Smith sits down in Bob's living room and watches a 30 minute television program and then quietly leaves Bob's house.

(B) Smith a grocery clerk at checkstand five of Carl's Supermarket was on duty on Saturday, May 15. Smith had been experiencing hard times lately because his wife had divorced him and he was trying to make payments on his house and car and also keep up with his child support obligations. Gertrude, a customer at Carl's Supermarket, purchased various items amounting to the total of seventeen dollars and sixty-five cents. Gertrude gave Smith a twenty-dollar bill for the groceries. Smith placed the twenty-dollar bill on top of the register and then returned two dollars and thirty-five cents to Gertrude. Before Smith turned to put the twenty-dollar bill into the cash register he decided that he needed the cash for himself. Smith surreptitiously pocketed the twenty in his pants pocket. Smith took the twenty home with him that day.

(C) Smith, with the intent to steal Barbara's new mink coat, travels to Barbara's house and enters through a side window after breaking it. Unfortunately, Barbara had decided to wear her mink coat to the ball that evening. After Smith saw that the mink coat was not there he remembered that Barbara said something about going out that evening. Smith decided to wait until Barbara returned home so he could then overpower her and take the coat from her. Smith went to the kitchen, prepared a sandwich, ate it, played cards, and awaited Barbara's return. By 11:30 p.m. Smith, tired of waiting for Barbara, decided to leave. He left through the open broken window.

(D) Smith, with the intent to steal, always had his eye on Herb's 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix. Several weeks went by and then one day Herb decided that maybe before he actually stole Herb's car it might be better if he knew exactly what the car was like. Smith believed that it would be a waste of time to steal a car that could not handle nicely around curves in the road, or that could not go at least 70 m.p.h. on the highway. With that, Smith asked Herb if he could borrow Herb's Pontiac. Herb, without hesitation, agreed, but added, "Please have it back by 12:00 midnight because I worry about my new car." Smith said, "No problem." Smith took the car but kept it out all night and did not return it until 9:30 a.m. the next morning.

Answer in comments.

-Ziggy Stardust  15:45 EST | |

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I need comments, people 

As some of you may know, I sometimes can't tell what is and isn't appropriate. Last fall I was at a Washington D.C. party, where I made a series of glory hole references and unfunny linear algebra jokes. The combination of stunned silence and eye rolling convinced me that the audience was not ready for the material.

In the same way, when I don't get comments on the blog posts, I imagine a similar stunned silence. I blog for you, gentle reader, and without your guidance, my blogging with never improve.

-Miguel Sanchez  11:49 EST | |

Running Album of the Year 

Some readers are still feeling perhaps a little burned by my recommendation of "Fishscale". In any case, this record is awesome. It goes well with getting high on, uh, "life". But it is also a great album to workout to. Yesterday, I had the distinct impression I was running through a post apocalyptic warzone littered with bodies and skulls. Knowing what I know about this blog's readers, this should be a real selling point. Rock on.

-Miguel Sanchez  11:19 EST | |

Is a PhD worth $1 million? 

This the question I find myself facing. Sure, I would be doctor, and that has benefits. If I were ever in a situation were someone yelled "Is there a doctor in the house?!" I could reply "Yes! A doctor of economics!" The downside of course would be the 5-6 years I would spend getting it.

In economics, there is the concept of opportunity cost. What is your next best option? In my case, I have been thinking about financial engineering. I feel that my chances of getting into a solid FE (or CF or MF) program are better than for similarly ranked PhD programs. At most the program would take 2 years. The starting salaries are more than I would make with a PhD. By my calculations, I would need to expect more than $1 million of intangible value from a PhD to make it worth my while.

Is it worth it? I had to work with a colossal douche bag this summer who is currently a PhD student at an Ivy League university. He bragged that while all of his friends had gone on to such banalities as homeownership, he was living the good life researching intrafirm job mobility. Is this were I want to be in 5 years? No.

Could it be that the only people who go into economics fundamentally misunderstand the concept of opportunity cost? This study lends support to that idea. It sounds like a very dry joke, but I may end up saying that after a careful cost benefit analysis, I decided not to go into economics. Better than being a bearded roadapple bragging about his holy vow of poverty.

-Miguel Sanchez  10:52 EST | |

Monday, July 10, 2006

Killer Waves 

I took a class way back in 1999 that covered the mathematical workings of GPS, tomographic image reconstruction, and a Hamiltonian partial differential equation model for freak ocean waves. A Professor Fornberg gave the class and he taught us about these killer 100 foot ocean waves that were partially predictable, but he lamented that there was no funding for a system to broadcast warnings. There were only four people in that class, so I'm glad Dr. Fornberg is getting a wider audience thanks to The Times.

(Follow the first link to the course notes to learn more about the model.)

-Daddy Brooklyn  23:45 EST | |

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still Not Funny 

I am still not funny. I am not exactly sure what happened.

A sometime reader of this sometime blog has said repeatedly that I should make some kind of effort into going into stand-up comedy. Since I am not really into making efforts, this never materialized. This week however, I steeled myself up and did a stand-up routine at a local club. It was edgy stuff. However there was very little applause and laughter and too many shouts of "put your pants back on" and "get the hell out of my funeral home".

I hired a private investigator. He was cheap, but he didn't get the job done. Really, he just kidnapped my dog. That's funny, of course, but not really "ha ha" funny. Even throwing a pie at his face failed to put much levity into the sight of his dismembered body. As a side note, there's a world of things a truck load of migrant workers can do with a box of machettes.

It seems hopeless. If you see my sense of humor, please mail it to me post-haste. In the mean time, I have had the good fortune to procure the name of dealer of "X-RAY specs". I feel as though x-ray vision may be some compensation for being less funny.

-Miguel Sanchez  12:35 EST | |

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fire or Water 

This morning, I was out on the porch in front of my house. Wet, twisted, and partially in the gutter of my neighbor's roof is an American flag. It's been raining all night and all day, and the flag is a holdover from the Forth of July.

People want to make it illegal to burn the flag. They say dishonoring the flag is a dishonor to country. Some will say men fought and died "for the flag". They didn't die to see it burned. But did they die so that it could be treated like a moldy post-Halloween jack-o-lantern by this alleged patriot?

Do you make a democracy go away by ignoring it? What scene is a bigger affront to American principles? Some angry protestor burning the flag to make a statement, or the causal disregard and inglorious display paid to it by an apathetic man too drunk to remember it's there?

There are an exhaustive and exhausting list of official procedures for dealing with the flag. For example, if it is displayed at night, it should be illuminated. It shouldn't touch the ground. If it does, it is to be burned by a group of local veterans in something akin to a cremation ceremony. Most people, even those up in arms about flag burning, don't even know these rules. Will these be mandated by law as well? What are the rules for bumper stickers? Patriotic towels? Printing the flag in the newspaper will result in the flag being thrown into the trash. Will the Republicans in the house have to call in a team of Frenchmen schooled in postmodern analysis to author a congressional report on "what is a flag"?

I don't want to burn the flag. But for those who do, I can better understand them. They see the flag as a power symbol of something. Can you say the same for the person drying their ass with an American flag beach towel? The fictional demon Skrewtape said, the opposite of love isn't hate, it's apathy.

-Miguel Sanchez  12:45 EST | |

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Brooklyn is Awesome! 

NEW YORK REGION | July 1, 2006
Brooklyn: Crowd Attacks Driver After Accident
A group of people chased and beat the driver of a livery cab and his passenger in Brooklyn yesterday after the driver lost control of his car and swerved into an 8-year-old child on a bike, according to the police and several witnesses. The driver apparently lost control of the car, at 92nd Street and Clarkson Avenue in East Flatbush, at 5 p.m., because his passenger was trying to rob him, the police said. After hitting the child, the car crashed into a wall, and a group of dozens of bystanders confronted the driver and attacked him. When the man explained that his passenger had struck him in the head with a metal bar, the crowd then turned to his passenger, beat him, and tightened a belt around his neck, said one witness, Kevin Beckett, 44. The police arrived and arrested the passenger, Jean Willman, 31, of Newkirk Avenue in Flatbush. He was charged with robbery and assault. The child was taken to Brookdale Hospital Center, where he was in stable condition last night, the police said. The driver, 52, was taken to Kings County Hospital Center in stable condition.

-Daddy Brooklyn  09:32 EST | |

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