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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Weekly Presidential Radio address + Rebuttal is stupid 

You know what most people weren't doing last week? Sitting around the wireless listening to "The Shadow" with their family. In a sudden and unexpected twist, radio is not the dominate form of public communication. Yet we still pay for the idiotic weekly presidential radio address.

In Denver, it takes place at 8:06 am on Saturday carried on KOA. The rebuttal isn't broadcast in Denver. Before that gets you mad, think of this: "who cares?" Have you ever listened to the WPRA? Have you ever heard more than a paragraph out of it? Maybe a few sentences for the rebuttal?

Why would you even compose an address more than a paragraph long? It makes it much hard for the rebutter, the press is going to pick it's favorite paragraph out of 20 or so if you give a typical address. Why not pick the paragraph for them?

Instead, the president should DJ a 45 minute set of music. It could try and convey the past week and the week ahead in policy, in music. The rebuttal would also be musical. For example, to reflect on the grassroots victory that knocked out Lieberman, they could play Cannibal Corpse.

-Miguel Sanchez  11:09 EST | |

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