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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ben's Tech Roundup 

I just thought I'd share some cool stuff I found today.

First off, I want my computer setup to look like this

So anyone who wants to donate a 30"cinema display or a Mac Pro, give me a call.

Second, I found a rocking new program that first made me think of Ziggy, but then I realized I could use it, too. Called Delicious Library, all you do is point your iSight at the bar code on your books, and it downloads the relevant information so that in your computer you generate a library catalogue of all your media for cross referencing, etc. Cool stuff.

Finally, there appears to be a decent movie download site, CinemaNow, with plenty to offer. They have a three tiered business model, offering movies to buy, rent, and for free. The $$ titles include many almost A-list titles like Mission Impossible: III, A Scanner Darkly, and Little Miss Sunshine. For free, you can watch quality titles like Ninja Academy, and People From Space. I love it!!! Sites like this are the opening salvo in what, overf the next ten years, will be the internet's changing how we watch tv and movies. I dream of the day when I can watch any movie or TV show I desire any time I like.

That's all. Hope y'all enjoy it.

Oh, and I think all of this came from Lifehacker.

-Ben  23:38 EST | |

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